iPhone Lighter Case

No longer will you have to remember to bring a lighter, as we bring you the […]

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Medtainer container &#..

The Medtainer is the very first patented Air-tight, Water-tight, and smell proof medical grade container with […]

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Solar Hit Pipe

Take the term “Going green” to a whole new level with this solar powered pipe.┬áThe Solar […]

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Glow in the dark, ultr..

Don’t lose your glass piece in the dark ever again because this one glows in the […]

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Weed Flavored Condoms

Why not combine the two best things in life – weed and sex? Now it’s possible with Cannadom; The weed flavored condom!

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Incredibowl i420 Delux..

The incredibowl, if the name doesn’t sell you on it, it’s made in the USA and is durable as well. Check it.

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Glass Sherlock Bubbler..

Crazy perc, and portable. Love bubblers and this one is sick.

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Silverwood Herb grinde..

Quickly grinds herbs to a fine, uniform grind in only two turns, and is durable enough […]

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