About Paperburners

How it started

I often found myself browsing the internet for cool products that I would enjoy while high. Myself, I’ve never been an avid fan of wearing marijuana leafs on my shirt or visually trying to tell people that I smoke weed by what I wear, but was more interested in stuff like munchiefood, cool little puzzles, gadgets and games. This resulted in finding tons of cool products and websites throughout the web, but forgetting about it a day later. What I was missing was a platform where I could browse products which catered to my high interests, a place which made it easy to find all the stuff I would like combined in 1 site and a site which I wouldn’t forget about. That place is Paperburners. Eyedrops, Munchiefood, Vaporizers, Glass Pieces (pipes), Weed apparel, Stoner toys, Media, Rolling papers, Stoner gadgets, you name it & we have it!

Item showcase

What is Paperburners?

Paperburners is a hub for all stoners and stonerminded people to find stuff relative to their interests. This can range from rolling papers to a sea wave projector and from the worlds biggest snickers bar to a glass piece. While it’s impossible to satisfy everyone, we have taken the core interests of our target audience and try to create a constant stream of products based on what people like. We act as a gateway and link to sites that offer products which we like, and while we do not own or physically offer any products, we will try our best to maximize the experience of our customers. Please note that we are not involved with the products we link to in any way, and we are not responsible for the product quality / shipping or anything else rather than listing of products.


How do we choose our products?

The content team is a group of windowshoppers that often browse the internet looking for cool gadgets to enhance our high experience or satisfy our high cravings. We choose products based on nothing but our own taste, whether it’s our favorite munchie food, that good old grinder or those nicely flavored rolling papers. While we do make a small profit from commissions on certain sites (this does not effect the price in any way), our main goal is not to make money but to provide a service which our audience can enjoy. In order to guarantee quality products we do not take money in exchange for a post on the site, we select products solely based on it’s coolness.



Does this mean I can submit products I like and contribute to the site? Can I also submit my own products?

Yes, you can submit your products here. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel like your product is a Paperburner. If you feel like contributing by submitting a product you found online or feel like adding cool products you find online on the regular, you can fill in the contact form.


Can I contact you guys regarding other things such as questions, suggestions, partnerships, complaints or comments?

Of course you can. We value the opinion of our readers and we want to hear what you think of the site and how we can improve it. We are also interested in working together with innovative and enthusiastic ENTrepreneurs in order to help the community grow and spread the goodness. Whatever is on your mind, you can tell us by filling in the contact form.


What are your plans for development? Can I contribute in any way?

As we just started, there is loads of room for expansion and we are already working on building out certain unique features to our website in order to offer benefits to our customers and expand our platform. We will continue to work hard to increase the value for you guys. If you feel like you want to contribute to the project, simply fill in the contact form.