Lighter with Analog Wa..

Bright, Bold and Unique Flame On Lighter watch is a practical accessory for any smoker or […]

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Miracle Fruit Tablets

Mberry Miracle Fruit tablets transform ordinary foods into something extraordinary. The Miracle Berry is a fruit […]

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10-Pack Juicy Jay̵..

Add some flavor to your smoking with this variety pack of Juicy Jay’s, offering you 10 […]

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Atmos RAW RX2014 Style..

Made from the highest quality medical grade stainless steel and ceramic components. It heats your plant […]

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American Weigh Signatu..

Understand the weight of your decisions with this scale.

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Munchies Cheese Fix (2..

For those with a cheese snack craving, Frito Lay developed the “Munchies”, a bag with mixed […]

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HUF Plantlife socks

Double layered, soft and high quality; These HUF plantlife socks are highly popular and it’s not […]

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Ghirardelli Triple Cho..

Some of the most delicious brownie mix to ever grace your cupboard. This truly is some […]

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The Wick Light turns your lighter into an organic flavor machine! It holds a mini lighter, […]

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Retro NES / SNES Syste..

Get your NES and SNES games out of the garbage and dust them off! The breakthrough […]

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Munchies Flamin’..

Hungry and cant decide among your favorite snacks? Now you dont have to Munchies Snack Mix […]

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The Magic Flight Launch Box is the world’s smallest electronic vaporizer – no torch, no lighter […]

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Red-Dirt Marijuana and..

This collection of Southern’s short pieces — two dozen hilarious, well-observed, and devastating sketches that expose […]

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Ocarina-Shaped Pipe

For Hyrule! The Tokarina is a pipe shaped like an ocarina. It is made out of […]

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Silverwood Herb grinde..

Quickly grinds herbs to a fine, uniform grind in only two turns, and is durable enough […]

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Adventure Time Jake Gl..

Expand your mind in style with the Adventure Time Jake glass pipe. I bet you can’t resist […]

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Fireflies In My Room

Turn off the bright lights in your room and let the Fireflies subtly lighten up your […]

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Chocolate Dreams Valen..

For this years valentines day I’ve come up with a smart win / win plan for […]

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Kitkat Green Tea Flavo..

Sometimes you’re hungry, and sometimes you’re just tired of eating the same old snacks. Luckily there’s […]

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Botan Rice Candy ̵..

Chewy japanese candy that tastes like Fruit Loops!   From the site: Botan Rice Candy is […]

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Brass Pipe Screens

A box of brass to save you scooby snacks.

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Chronic City (Paperbac..

Chase Insteadman, former child television star, has a new role in life—permanent guest on the Upper […]

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Stoner Trivia

Sometimes you just can’t handle the ordinary board game after smoking up, and that’s exactly where […]

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MyStrainGuide App

The mobile strain app. Do some studying!

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Sea Waves Projector + ..

Add the ocean atmosphere to any room of your choice with the Darren Sea Waves Projector […]

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Solve WAI ice sunglass..

Sick sunglasses, full UV protection, impact resistant, and all for a great cause. Give someone water for life.

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Plant Life

iOS app to log effects of strains. Focused on the medicinal side of things.

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Maniac Meat – TO..

Listen to sweet skuzzy synth melodies over grungy drum rhythms in TOBACCO’s second album.   Maniac […]

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Glass Mini Bubbler ..

Color changing bubbler with hand crafted art

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Hemp Hoodlamb Tech 4/2..

Fashion jacket and hemp culture= Awesome

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Nutiva Organic Hemp Pr..

Get lean, get mean, get green. Hemp protein.

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C Swiss Hemp Tea

Hemp tea that comes in an orange cardboard can that is green.

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Flamin’ Hot Chip..

Lay’s Flamin’ Hot chips are one of our favorites, but are only available in a limited […]

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Incredibowl i420 Delux..

The incredibowl, if the name doesn’t sell you on it, it’s made in the USA and is durable as well. Check it.

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Myster Mat Pack

Myster Mat Mini & Myster Mat

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Smart Crusher & S..

Cut down on the items you need to carry with this aluminum stash box and grinder […]

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Giant Gummybear (5 pnd..

Who doesn’t love gummybears? And what’s better than a bag of gummybears? The logical answer is […]

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The Original Fatboy

Enhance your chillout time with one of the best lounging inventions ever: The Original Fatboy. It’s […]

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Light Show Fountain Sp..

If your trip to Vegas isn’t complete without the fountain show at the Bellagio, these Light […]

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Eagle Arion Speakers

Great speakers that were just updated and at a price that won’t break your bank.

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Young Hippies Hoodie

Sweet sweater. Support artists and look fly at the same time! Design by Sean Mags

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Raw King Size Rolling ..

One of the standards in rolling papers. Get your pack of four here.

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Raw Hemp Rolling Machi..

This isn’t the stone age. Let a machine roll for you. Name brand and great results.

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Pocky – Pack of ..

Delicious chocolate cream covered cookie sticks that you can’t have just one of.   This is […]

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Glass Sherlock Bubbler..

Crazy perc, and portable. Love bubblers and this one is sick.

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Weed Flavored Condoms

Why not combine the two best things in life – weed and sex? Now it’s possible with Cannadom; The weed flavored condom!

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LED Illuminated Kaleid..

The most spectacularific kaleidoscopic light show ever: Busby Berkeley goes electric.

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Nostalgic retro hot do..

Hungry? Grill some hot dogs in style with this Retro pop-up hot dog toaster with adjustable […]

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Hemp Shampoo

Hemp shampoo, for those without dreads

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Nutiva Hempseed Oil

Nutiva’s raw, unrefined, expeller cold-pressed Canadian hemp oil is light green, lighter in flavor, and has more GLA content compared to other hemp oils.

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Mountain Dew Cheetos

Everyone loves Cheetos, the crunchy cheezy treat that you have to lick your fingers to savor […]

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Perplexus Puzzle Spher..

A maze game where players must maneuver a small marble around challenging barriers inside a transparent […]

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Juicy Jay’s Wate..

get your recommended fruit servings!

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XBOX 360 Decal Skin Vi..

Pimp your XBOX 360 with this weed design decal skin for both your console and controllers. […]

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Transparent Rolling Pa..

These amazing papers are 100% cellulose, non-plastic, biodegradable film of a vegetal origin. They have no […]

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Plantlife iPhone 4 Cas..

Protect your iPhone in style with this bamboo case engraved with a weed leaf. Protects your […]

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Roll it, Lick it, Smok..

Can’t go wrong with a visual representation of the process that many of us go through […]

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Astronaut Ice Cream &#..

In space, no one can hear you scream for ice cream! Ice cream is delicious, but […]

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Fuwawan Microwave Panc..

Pancakes that you can make in your microwave. No longer do you have to get out […]

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Betty Crocker Warm Del..

Another microwaveable treat, this time it’s brownies, ready in just 45 seconds!   From the page: With […]

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World’s largest ..

Got a bad case of the munchies? No worries, just order the world’s biggest Snickers bar […]

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Space Leaf Hoodie

Get in on the out of this world coolness of this Paperburners exclusive: The Space Leaf […]

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Dr Bronner’s Mag..

Mintier than an entire tin of altoids! Fom the site: Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Liquid Soap is […]

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Kit kat Strawberry

The Japanese know their munchiefood, and are back once again to provide you with snacks you’ve […]

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Geogaddi – Board..

Haunting analog melodies over hip hop drum rhythms laced with subliminal imagry, darker than Music Has […]

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Agloves: Touchscreen G..

Touchscreen gloves that don’t suck! Play flappy bird in the snow!

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Vitamin Eyedrops by Ro..

When it comes to eyedrops, ROHTO is one of our favorites. This package contains 12ml of […]

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6-Pack BIC Lighters

When it comes to lighters, there is a generally uniform opinion that nothing beats BIC. BIC […]

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Hershey’s Nugget..

Sometimes, you just got to go big. We know stoners, and we know those chocolate cravings […]

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Music Has The Right To..

Chill out with 18 beautiful tracks of nostalgia-inducing synths with hip-hop rhythms. ‘Music Has the Right […]

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Glow in the dark, ultr..

Don’t lose your glass piece in the dark ever again because this one glows in the […]

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Water damaged phone? Look here! This bag could save you a lot.

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420 Gesture Hoodie

This hoody allows you to get the best of both worlds: Support the movement while still […]

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Solar Hit Pipe

Take the term “Going green” to a whole new level with this solar powered pipe. The Solar […]

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iPhone / iPad Movie Pr..

Quit trying to watch movies on your tiny iPhone screen with the help of this portable […]

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iPhone Bacon Scent Ala..

Oscar Mayer found a way to make one of the hardest daily tasks, waking up, a […]

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Lollipipe Edible Pipe ..

A pipe you can eat, and it tastes like watermelon! From the site: Add a tasty touch […]

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Medtainer container &#..

The Medtainer is the very first patented Air-tight, Water-tight, and smell proof medical grade container with […]

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iPhone Lighter Case

No longer will you have to remember to bring a lighter, as we bring you the […]

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