Pancakes that you can make in your microwave.

No longer do you have to get out a pan and use the stove to make pancakes! Now you can make them quickly with this microwave pancake kit!


From the site: Even young kids can learn the joys of baking with this easy to use kit to create real pancakes. Take home this Japanese kawaii cooking creation kit that has nearly everything you need to start making delicious and cute pancakes. This is bear version set. Easy to follow picture instructions are on the back. In addition to this set, you’ll need a spoon, bowl, cooking oil and milk. This set includes a the pancake cooking pan, strawberry sauce and the pancake mix. One bag makes 4 mini bear pancakes, enough for one hungry person or two hungry kids. The cooking pan can continually be used using the same instructions and using regular instant pancake mix (the resulting texture might not be as fluffy, put please try).

Two important notes about baking: (1) Place the pan in the middle of the microwave. (2) Make sure your microwave can adjust it’s power level to about 500W. Anything higher could result in a melted cooking pan. (instock